trying to live soul simple

One of the things I know is that our soul could use more time to rest and pause and ponder.

Reflective writing does that for me, yet, time is a difficult it commodity for me to find! Do you know this tension too? The very things you want to do, you don’t do, and the very things you don’t want to do, those are the things you do most often. (More on that later).

I have desired to write more frequently for several years and having children (4) and having laundry (mountains) and having educational pursuits (masters degree) have pushed this reflective practice to the back back burner where even the pilot light appears to be off most days.

But I have thoughts, so many thoughts, that arrive in my mind like poetry and short stories and quotes from the Divine God. I met an author an a garden shop one day who was placing her books on the book shelves. I never told her that I was a writer, but God spoke these words to me through her as we were talking “Amy! Just write! Someday it will all fit together, but for today, just write!” Her words nurtured that place in me that was waiting for permission to simply write.

So even if my laundry needs to be folded (again) it can wait for a few minute each day while I find a place for the words to land. To rest. To pause. To ponder. To be discovered, even if only by my future self as I return to them over and over again.

I am even going to give myself the freedom to write some things very badly, some things very well, and some things that matter to nobody but me.

amy p


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