Lent in everyday language. Day Five.

I already love Sunday but Sunday during Lent is even more of a celebration. If you’ve been fasting from sugar, today you can have cake! The reason behind this that Sunday is the day we always partake in the celebration of Jesus resurrection, we are spiritually in the presence of our Lord and Friend…so why would we be dragging around trying to replicate a posture of mourning. I simply love this beautiful way to view the Sundays during Lent. Love it.

I was thinking about how to explain this way of moving through a rhythm of denial and celebration, grace and repentance,personal prayer and community. Like so many of the spiritual practices that form us, we need to be aware of our human tendency to focus so much on the practice that we forget the purpose. Our purpose of practicing Lent is to make us aware of Christ and our journey with Him, becoming more like Him— not to develop another impossible tool that only the super super devout can attain. Be aware that Lent, in everyday language, is a time for talking with God, cleaning up some wounds that you have or ways you have wounded others, and allowing yourself the freedom to be renewed. Easter will be the ultimate celebration, but Lent is like getting ready for the party!

I let myself sleep in today and woke up with the sun. So with coffee in hand and birds chirping madly outside my window I offer this daily examen to you.

1. Where do you find God providing for you today?
In our family we are experiencing a place of extreme financial lack. We believe that we are on our way out of this as my husband starts a new business, but it is still a daily leap of faith to see how God is creatively bringing the money into our hands and our daily needs being met. I share this as vulnerably as I can here. There is no mistake that God desires to be our ample provider. We sat down with all of our bills and a calendar today and the modest pay that my husband had received. We added up the cash the gift cards for groceries the money in our account and instead it turned into a multiplication problem. It is as if we are being invited to simply sit and acknowledge that every good and perfect is coming outside of ourselves. Humbling, a bit. Mysterious, absolutely. Displaying God’s ability to provide for all we need? Yes!

2. Where do you need God to provide for you today?
We have two cars with varying issues and rattles and car payments. At this season, it feels like we are driving around a house of cars. I feel anxious that we won’t be able to make the car payments. I feel my heart racing when there is a mysterious squeal or squeak that won’t stop. Before I would have simply taken them in for whatever ailed them, but today I can’t. My husbands car needs tires and struts and service and NEEDS to drive a reliable car to his clients homes. Do we need two cars? Are we being invited to live with one? What is your answer for our family? What makes the most sense? Where do you want to show us a miracle and where are we supposed to show great wisdom? I have no answer.

How do these questions help you to notice God as your provider?