Lent in everyday language

Welcome to Lent

This is a time where the church globally recognizes a season of intentional prayer, fasting and reconciliation in preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter.

I want to welcome you to an online space where you can discover some spiritual practices again ( or for the first time), share stories about where you notice God in your daily life, and perhaps explore some of the ways that you can make space for God in this 40 day season. ((Technically, Lent is a little longer than 40 days, but the early church took Sundays off from fasting as they tended to celebrate the resurrection each and every Sunday)). So whether you embrace a more orthodox view of this day and decided to fast from food for 40 days or whether you take these 40 days as an opportunity to explore some ways to be more charitable, I want to welcome you on a sacred journey that we are taking as an online community, exploring ancient practices with modern technology and relevant life application.

Where do you sense God inviting you to something purposeful in the next 40 days?

Have you ever participated in Lent? What was that experience like for you?


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