babies and jesus

babies and jesus

our baby b… the fullness of joy

sometimes when i read the Christmas story, i gloss over something universally important about babies. babies bring people together… in hospitals and homes and hurting families… babies come. they come bringing a sense of the future and the hope that change is possible. they come in such dependency, utterly unable to contribute anything to us, and yet we LOVE them automatically. the best thing we can offer them is not fancy outfits and matchie diaper bags, but our presence and our attention.

Christmas 2011 finds us navigating invasive technology, constant connectivity, and competitive demands to improve our financial stability.  maybe a gentle place to find yourself would be right in the middle of the Christmas story.. with this baby Jesus in your arms. imagine how it would feel to hold a helpless baby being born in less than ideal circumstances. imagine the tiny fingers, toes and eyelashes. count them. imagine staring at this baby straight into tiny eyes and a smile slowing spreading across your tired face.

be present with this reality that Jesus is a baby before He is anything else on earth. from the very beginning, Jesus simply wants our presence and our attention.



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