Prepare Him Room

“The soul needs meaning the way the body needs food. Lack of meaning leads to an addictive consumer society in which people try to stuff the hole in their soul with things”.
Bruce Tallman

At a time when frenzied shopping and eating become a national hobby, we read words like these and we might stop to ask ourselves: are we trying to fill peoples wish lists or stuff the hole in their soul with things? Or is the act of purchasing things for others our way of stuffing the holes in our broken relationships? This Christmas I was compelled from the very beginning of the Christmas season to clean house, purge unnecessary clothing and books, and even box some things up to put them away in my garage for future use. The thought came to me simply: prepare Him room.

It never says this in the Christmas stories that I read, but isnt interesting to think that even when Jesus weighed less than 10 pounds, our world had no room for Him? I picture Mary and Joseph, pregnant with the possibility that they were holding the world’s redeemer within them. I picture the paradox of a town, pregnant with fear and blind obedience, following through on the whimsical orders of a jealous and insecure king. These two worlds will never be in sync, for who can really live with two distinct mindsets? Who can work for two bosses? Who can worship an idol made of wood and stone and also give honor to the God whose name means I AM… THAT I AM!


What would it look like for you to prepare space and time in your Christmas schedule for Jesus? Perhaps you can have an honest conversation with yourself about your Christmas motives. Do you find deep meaning in celebrating Jesus entrance into our world, or do you settle for momentary highs of shopping and excessive gift giving. I admit, as a mother of four children, I do not always have the discernment to know what is given out of love and what is given to prove my love to my children.

Maybe you don’t have enough to do this Christmas and the idea of being lonely again for the holidays brings a certain fear. Perhaps this is a place to allow Jesus, not stuff and not people, to fill up the hole in your sole with His presence. One Christmas I had moved to a new town and had just delivered my third baby and first son. I was not anywhere near settled into where we had moved. No friends to bring me a meal or visit me at home. No familiar faces at church or in the neighborhood. On top of that, the Midwestern winter was brutal compared to the sunny southern California winters of my previous life. I had so much time on my hands that I took up crocheting. Stitch after stitch I would sit in contemplation of my old life and it’s fullness, until one day I realized… I was RELAXED. Snow and new baby kept us home bound where we read and crafted and crocheted to our hearts content. No entertaining to do, no obligations to meet. I saw this as A place where God forced me to prepare room in my life for space and rest and breathing and slowing down the pace of my overstuffed life.



2 thoughts on “Prepare Him Room

  1. WOW. i am so moved by this post.

    This Christmas He showed me how much Mary and i really have in common. Keri did a Lectio in the prayer room on the passage about the angel appearing to Mary and i’ll never be the same.

    When the angel came, she was afraid. doubtful. “Are you sure you have the right girl? – I’ve never even been touched!” “how can this be?”
    Then he says, don’t be afraid. Then gives her a testimony about Elizabeth. “Just 6 months ago, she who was said to be barren will bear a child. All Things are possible” Amazing how after he gives her this testimony, her faith increases. Fear and doubt are gone and she steps out in surrender.. “May it be as you say”.

    So everyday when He comes to me. In my dark. In my fear and doubt. I ask are you sure about this? Do you have the right girl? He speaks kindly, giving me testimony of life in barren places, “all things are possible” increasing my faith. Filling me with Love that casts out my fear. Then i am free to surrender. To prepare Him room.

    I understood a similar concept, swell space. A place inside me that swells with space for Him to dwell inside. A place where i am stretched and pulled to the end of myself for Life Himself to live in me.

    This year i was distracted by all that i “wanted” for Christmas. i tried so hard to stop making lists and searching endlessly on line for “trinkets” – to no avail. I was set on the pillows i wanted, the perfect color towels and boots that would be perfect.. Christmas day i got hard pillows, wrong size boots and no towels. ha! Then Brian’s dad gave me last years calendar full of beautiful prints of the life of Christ at the last minute before we left. It was my favorite thing. He made a sacred swell space in my heart for Him… He satisfies me with His steadfast love! Prepare. Him. ROOM.

    ps: You inspire me to write Amy, keep writing! I LOVE what you have to say!

    • Distractions…. The bane of our human existence. It seems like the harder I try to focus on just ONE thing… the more bombarded I am with images and messages that I should be thinking about EVERYTHING at ALL times. Technology makes us slaves to this constant connection and communication. It is so good to pause and slow ourselves down at regular intervals- especially when all of life around us seems to demand otherwise. Everyday when my children leave for school, I MAKE myself spend one quiet hour doing very little. That space, even when nothing magical or mystical or profound happens… it creates space for me to be a sane mother/author/wife/scholar/laundress/cook/chauffeur/friend/daughter/minister/housewife/neighbor/… you get the picture. If I jump to send an email in this hour or hop up to wash those breakfast bowls… I rarely find that space.. that swell space… again.

      Joy, I still picture your face in Michigan. Your bright eyes, your authentic story, your sincere desire for more of God’s heart. What a gift it is to find you in this simple space online. Write the simple stories of your soul and so many of us will be blessed!
      amy p

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