God’s Deliverance

I confess that I don’t really understand Gods method of delivering His people. In Exodus we watch the Red Sea part and people crossing with loud singing and shouting on to their life of freedom ahead. Put yourself in those muddy shoes and imagine the plans you would be making for your new life. What would your new profession be? Would begin to dream again of having more children and worshipping Yaweh openly? should result in a new life free from the threat of tyranny and oppressive rule!

But God does not exactly nor quickly deliver His people into that beautiful land of milk and opportunity. Not for years and years and years and years … 40 years to be exact. And these 40 years are grumbly years for Gods chosen ones. Lackluster food options, unpredictable navigation system, and leadership disputes give us a picture of a frustrated people. And did I mention that these are Gods chosen people?

In the midst of this story of deliverance is the polarity of continuance. As God moves us out of one troublesome and tiring relationship, up will spring another. Terminal illness goes on. Our story goes on.