Blurry Communication

I confess that while I love talking and I love even more listening to your stories, sometimes I am not really engaged with what you are trying to say. Perhaps it is that I have heard this before and it never came to pass, so I shut down when you say it now. Perhaps I am not fully trusting what you are saying. Or perhaps what you are saying dances around the edge of the scab over our pain and I just want to talk about the wound.

This is our blurry communication. Texting and emails and voicemails and blogs and Facebook and tweets and often around the edges, rather to the heart of what we really want to hear and say. I confess I have been a participant in the blur of it all and tonight, as much as I am afraid of doing so, I am going to rub my eyes, shut off the noise, and lean in to understand clearly what is being said.

Will you?