Greet the morning

When my toddler wakes up, earlier than any us want to, my husband and I have a silent competition to see who can stay in bed longest. We are on vacation, so the prize of sleeping in is even more coveted. This morning, I lost. B and I went for a early walk into the fields of my in-laws’ farm. Watching B delight and discover every bird, bug, and little clover puts me in remembrance of the Garden. All of this, put on display, the beauty of an untouched morning, an unblemished day, it is intoxicating. Here is all of creation, waiting to be enjoyed and inhabited. I make myself notice the grass blades, tiny mushrooms budding, and the sounds of cars zooming to work in the distance. But I am not zooming. I am slowly watching the first sights and listening to the first sounds of this day. Good. Morning.

How do you get up each day? With feelings of expectation or dread? How are you right now?


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