Scrambling around on my hands and knees in a pebbly Michigan cornfield was the last place I expected to find myself. I am by no means a fan of cats, so what had brought me to this position under waist high cornstalks searching for a wild kitten? Her meowing had caught our attention one evening while we were visiting my husband’s family in Michigan. We could see her from a distance, but as soon as we would approach the cornfield, she would dart farther and farther from us. We set out milk and cat food that she was happy to eat. But as soon as we stepped too close, she would hop just out of arms reach.

My daughter, unlike me, was convinced that we should continue after this cat. I tried to explain to her that, in Michigan, cats often lived in barns and fed on field mice. But her response was still: “this cat has no one to take care of her!”

So, an hour later, I was back out in the fields doing my best impression of meow. To my surprise, as I lay on my stomach facing this cat, the cat inched towards me. I smiled. The cat came close. I meowed. The cat came closer. We played this game until the cat was near enough for me to grab her. A surprising sense of relief and accomplishment came over me. This cat was beautiful, small, scared and alone in this giant forest of cornstalks. And I had rescued her!

My daughter helped me to understand a very important characteristic about the nature of God. As logical as it might have been for God to abandon me when I wandered away from Him, He pursued me by sending loving people and words from Scripture to remind me that I was still worth His love. How powerful it is to know that God rejoices when the lost are found even after we’ve been running in the opposite direction!


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