Grieving well

I admit. I don’t grieve well. I am a keep-moving-forward-and-believe-for-the-best kind of gal. So lately I have been considering what it would look like to practice the spirituality of grieving. What a road this has been. Instead of my usually numbing, controlling, manipulating, and avoiding, I have stood in the shower of my sadness and pain and let its waters splash all over me. Sometimes I drown for a minute in it all and feel so exhausted that I almost want to stay under water.

These are truly transforming moments where one page folds over and a new page appears. I long to read the new page, but can only do so as I remember what has been written on the previous page.

Rolheiser (and many others) call this a part of the Paschal Mystery. This process of dying and rising, death and new life, tenderness and brokenness. We see this all around us and in our own lives. Jesus makes an example of this in His actual death and actual return to new life. Death is no longer the final answer, rather, the pathway to a whole new way of living.

As we think about our own life, we may notice relationships, ideas, dreams, employment, dying. How will this transform me? How will this transform you? Notice yourself aligning with Jesus on this magnificent journey of faith.


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