folding laundry on the floor

how difficult it is a times to do small things with great faith! at this stage of life, teeming with young children and laundry, i have learned to be less active outside my home, and the daily tasks seem to taunt me from their unfinished state and remind me “YOU MUST KEEP WORKING”. yet in this work work work, i desire to be present to the One in which i have great faith.

i try to imagine that these are spiritual activities, in the same way that writing or teaching or working in the church or feeding the poor might be spiritual activities. it is like the verses in James that remind us that faith and work must have their cooperative relationship. faith, without works is worthless- yet, showing someone our works without great faith will be an exercise in busyness for busyness sake.

in this moment, at this quiet moment folding laundry on the floor, i see God see me. i see that in this tedious task there is a service to my family, a service to keep order and keep chaos at bay. God is a God of order, so God sees this as very good.

“The ordinary arts we practice everyday at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.”
-Thomas More


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