simple words

As a mother of four, I have watched the language development process with great awe as my own children acquire words. Words are powerful. Words bring life. Words create meaning. Words influence culture. In a family, all of these truths about words are evident—especially as you watch your children respond to the words that you diligently teach them.

God’s word impacts our family in powerful ways. As a parent, I know that modeling good behavior is only part of the way I communicate God’s truth to my children. Taking concepts from Scripture, I speak them repeatedly in real life situations to give my children opportunities to experience the power God’s word. For example, I often tell my “Be a blessing.” It is our simple motto. We talk about specific ways that a person can be a blessing in different environments. At school they might practice blessing kids that bother them by offering forgiveness. At home, we bless one another by looking not only to our own interests, but to the interests of others in the family. In a grocery store, we talk about ways we can be peaceable and patient.

The power of these words, these simple words, has been pervasive. These words put even my youngest children into places of influence as they look for ways to bless others with their presence, their kindness, their service, and their love. These simple words have the power to bring life within and beyond our families. These conversations transform ordinary activities into places where God’s word has the power to transform us and transform our environment.


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