Why solitude?

When I practice simplicity and solitude, I detach myself for a time from people and activities that at a time defined my very being. (or more like my doing!) Now I find that when I am with people, I am more likely to use fewer words, explain myself less, make fewer plans. I hear more of people’s true intentions in their sarcasm, their self-depreciating language, their excuse making, course talk. The flattery and people pleasing that used to be part of my communication has all but vanished. Only when we are brave enough to sit quietly with ourselves will we be able to have the discernment of lies, false pretense, and flattery that flood our everyday thoughts.

Right now, there is a choice you can make. You can stay online for another hour or you can go quietly to a place without any connection to others and ask God a simple question “What do you want to say to me?” Practice listening.

Feel free to share your experiences here.

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